Cisco Linksys Wireless Home Redesign

Step by step instruction, layout of all copy/messaging, tone, social media integration below and options for bundling each Linksys product.

Created, wrote and formulated the logic behind this product selection tool. Branded messaging "Build my network." Ability to post results on social media networks to drive awareness.

Product selector results include actual products, product pairings and how to connect each one within a network. Ability to share results via social channels to drive awareness, traffic and boost credibility in the space.

Added first social element to the Cisco site/story. Users can upload images and provide their own Linksys story - how they use the product, if they like it, what is missing, Christmas lists, etc.

Project Objective: Design a concept for how the Linksys Wireless Home can better demonstrate thought leadership through solution selling that directly impacts the purchasing behavior of the end customer.

Challenge: Manufacturers are perceived as the best source for product information, but customers aren’t buying enough. They often leave and go to retailer sites to make the buy and they often switch to lower cost competitors because they do not retain the expected loyalty or enthusiasm garnered from the Linksys site.

Exploration Areas: – Integrate social media content / create a new social experience – Determine how to position peripherals as complements to the core product line. – Continue to provide the best product information available. – Infuse best practices for providing product information. – Learn why upgrading matters and what key functionality is highest impact. – Why Linksys?

I created the social and content strategy, editorial direction, massaged copy, inserted product info, set up the hierarchy and messaging, inventoried current content, created social sharing tools and feature modules, implemented direction with design and ux teams.

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