BazaarVoice social commerce site redesign and content strategy

Bazaarvoice had a google page rank of 3 when this project began. I worked with developers, ux designers, creative directors and brand experts to 1> create a content strategy and messaging hierarchy, 2> content templates in Drupal, 3> content matrix with copy suggestions, metadata schema, seo recommendations and overall navigation elements. BV now has a page rank of 6. The project began in July 2011. The site had .5 million visitors per month, currently there are 1.4 million visitors to the site.

content strategy, seo landing pages, site redesign, drupal content templates

Created messaging hierarchy and overall content strategy and content matrix; collaborated with UX on Drupal content templates, content hierarchy, tone and strategy for Bazaarvoice site redesign.

Created content strategy, metatdata schema, content template layouts in Drupal, headlines and messaging in addition to copy for Bazaarvoice, a social commerce behemoth.

Provided content matrix, metadata scheme, content hierarchy, template modeling and actual copy for case study.

Project began in June-July 2011 - visitors per month totaled 400k. In December 2011, visits increased to 1.4m per month!