Recognizing the increasing number of investors who search for a financial advisor online, we’re pleased to announce the launch of phase 1a of our new Advisor Locator tool for our Advisor Marketing (AMR) group. (A later phase will make the tool available to the public on the individual investor site.)

Rather than taking 5-7 days for investors to receive an advisor referral via the mail, AMRs are now able to respond to investor requests immediately by using the tool. By entering a ZIP code or city/state combination, a list of advisors will appear within that geographical area. AMRs can then provide investors with a list of names via phone, e-mail, fax or mail.

AMRs and Shareholder Services associates will have the opportunity to use and provide feedback on the new tool. (Shareholder Services associates will have access to the tool in late February.)

Phase 1b (launching toward the end of first quarter 2016) will be available to the public within the Service & Support section on the individual investor site.

Advisor Locator benefits:
o Immediate and broader search results
o Improved investor experience – total service time is reduced from 5-7 days to real-time on the phone or online.
Key capabilities:
o Location- based search – ZIP code or city/state combination
o Uses existing advisor locator program eligibility rules
o Presents a minimum of two advisors – pagination is included if there are more than 10 results
o Show All button to display all results
o Ability to sort by first name, last name or firm name
o Results can be printed; provided over the phone; or sent via e-mail, fax or mail using SHARE
o Phase 1b enhancements include additional content around the value of an advisor, as well as updates to existing content to point to the new tool
o (Also Phase 1b) Associates will be able to refer prospective investors to the web and/or co-navigate with them, which should reduce phone call handle time

Develop an online advisor locator tool that utilizes objective criteria (i.e. zip code) to produce an advisor list for both digital and phone channels.

Key product features include:

• Digital tool accessible 24/7 via the individual site
• Real-time results based on location, listing a minimum of 2 advisors
• Ability to print, download or email search results
• Availability for all investors regardless of current account status
• Internal digital tool to replace existing manual process for phone and support associates
• Internal metrics to measure success (e.g. tool usage, firm search and mail count, AMR surveys)

Objectives of Assignment:

  1. An improved customer experience – an available digital service channel which reduces total service time from 5-7 days to real-time on the phone, mobile or desktop.
  2. Culling the average phone call handle time by 50% (current average time is 9 minutes)
  3. Improving our organizational capability to identify the number of services rendered and success matches
  4. Ensuring investors reconnect with their advisor via tips and content displayed on the right rail of the tool

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