• Create an engaging user experience for the viewer that provides a gateway to X Factor content fused with a
dynamic, social experience, mobile devices and offline connectivity.
• Insights based on well-informed personas for each stakeholder category to inform our plans and content strategies.
• Creating engaging X Factor fan journeys by allowing viewers to “steer the show” beyond song requests and
contestant-centric voting capabilities.
• Empower viewer voices by making them the new wardrobe stylists, social cause advocates, critics, paparazzi, citizen
journalists and talent agents via user engagement modules.
• Ensure content is properly mapped during the UI Development phase.

• Site Map (Up to 150 Pages)
• Site Workflows (Up to 12)
• Fully Annotated Wireframes
• CMS Data Mapping Matrix / Content Plan

Define and organize business objectives, requirements and deliverables for The X Factor Official Site
• Establish strategic direction for site and offsite experiences pre-launch (Summer ‘11) through finale (December ‘11)
and beyond (during hiatus)
• Ensure that the design and build of the site that enables tracking of standard metrics and provide additional ideas
that support the overall site experience.

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