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Market Volatility Center Resdesign – American Funds

Challenge: Develop an operational process and communication plan, so financial advisers will be prepared for various market volatility event types.

Approach this plan via the following strategies:
• Educate/reassure the intermediary
• Educate/reassure the investor/participant through the intermediary
• Recommend strategies and convey the impact to our funds/mandates

• Key Assumptions / Dependencies
• Assumption: Input and alignment with MarComm and Marketing regarding key messaging will be ongoing.
• Assumption: Key evergreen content already exists on CG digital properties and can be repurposed.
• Assumption: Content Operations processes that already exist can be repurposed for publishing timely market volatility content that responds to current events.
• Assumption: Digital’s activities will be part of a larger volatility Communication Plan that MarComm is steering.
Dependency: Successful delivery depends on receiving content in agreed-upon format with all needed elements (disclosure, URL links etc), and following the Content Operations Volatility Content Guide (attached).

Discovery Approach
• Inventoried existing, evergreen volatility content across properties.
• Examined examples of timely, even-based volatility content from 2014 and 2015.
• Assessed competitors’ approach to volatility messaging in terms of architecture, delivery mechanism and timing.
• Regrouped with a subset of the volatility team that met in response to volatility events of 2014, to understand objectives and devise an approach.

Key Messages/Reasons to Believe:
A long-term perspective can help prevail through challenging times
• After hitting lows in 8/39 and 9/74, the S&P 500 bounced back strong, averaging returns of more than 15% over the next ten 10-year rolling periods in both cases
• Including downturns, the S&P 500’s average return over all monthly 10-year rolling period from 1927 – 2013 was 10.57%

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