Phenomenon recently helped Nationstar complete its planned transformation into Mr. Cooper and launched the renamed entity’s first campaign this summer.

This work was more about a long-term effort to update the public perception of Nationstar rather than to just make a few ads.

My piece of the lion-share of work is the complete earned, owned, paid and shared go to market plan. I created the entire strategy in weeks vs. months and included day-parting tips, platforms when to repurpose content, types and educated the creative team on all requirements for all digital ads and content.

Created a future-state roadmap for product development and integration for UX Director.

20 page/brand competitive analysis of Nationstar’s JD Power & Associates list.

  • Role Digital Marketer and Strategist

  • For Phenomenon Agency

  • Date June – August 2017

  • Type Mortgage, Finance

  • URL

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